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A little bit about My2Incomes and the team

My2Incomes was an idea spawned out of a regular lunch bag ideas session that five work mates and myself (Anthony) used to have once or twice a week. In our group (there were a few others too), we used to discuss many things ranging from latest technology, business opportunities, financial investment and trading to knowledge, learning and training.

Your Guide to Great Second Income Ideas

We work hard investigating and reviewing all the great online and offline opportunities that are available. Using our solid understanding of business, strategy, marketing, process engineering and technology. We provide you with a no-nonsense view of whats good, great and sometimes not so great.

Online and Content marketing education?

When My2Incomes started, the team and I had all got to know the phrase ‘content is king‘ pretty well.

How did we know back in 2015 that content marketing would become so important to everything we do each and every day?

Well whilst most of the team come from a very IT technical background, there are a couple of us who have a business analysis background. It is this background that makes us intrinsically inquisitive and because of that we love to break things apart, do research and really understand how things work.


What did we find?

We realised that content has been one of the smartest ways to find more customers and clients for at least 100 years.

With the advent of the Internet, this has empowered prospective customers and clients to the point that content has become the smartest way to market online.

Fast Forward to Today

Now the My2Incomes team is gearing up to bring you original, relevant content every week about what’s working right now in online and content marketing.

Our mission, to help you learn from our experience, research and testing.

Join us on our journey as we try to be the most popular online and content marketing blog on the planet.

My2Incomes GurusNinjas

Welcome to our team, a fine bunch of guys and gals. Looking to get the biggest bang for buck around second income generation ideas.

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